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The Online Pari-Mutuel Game System
A friend once asked if we could create an online fantasy pari-mutuel betting game (like in horse racing). His golf club was having their annual tournament in which 75 pairings would face off in a three-day match. He wanted to allow everyone to bet on whatever team they wanted, to win (1st), place (2nd) or show (3rd), and have the odds and payouts automatically reflected based on their wagers.

Whether its your own golf tournament, NCAA Championships, the Masters, the NFL, the Indy 500, European football, or the Kentucky Derby, you can create your own betting game, with your own odds.

Feel free to check out our sample setup by using sample for the Login and Password. Or, register for your own account. It's free. You will be allowed to create up to 20 new games with your account.

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